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Responsible supply chains and sustainable products

Social and environmental responsibility extends beyond the corporate boundaries. Yet most companies fail to identify social and environmental impacts, risks and opportunities across the entire value chain. Along with the strengthened control from regulatory authorities, companies are also facing increasing demand from stakeholders to embed sustainability principles into all phases of a product's life cycle - from raw material extraction and processing to production, application, reuse and end-of-life. Lack of product lifecycle management practices can result in ineffective investments, communications and marketing, loss of market access, accusations of greenwashing and reputational damage
Incorporating sustainability principles into supply chain management
We can help you integrate sustainability into your company's procurement, manufacturing, and sales processes to help reduce environmental and social risks, improve reputation, marketing and competitive advantage, and achieve high ESG ratings
Assistance in product development in accordance with the principles of sustainable development
Adopting a life cycle approach provides a comprehensive understanding of environmental and social impacts — for the entire business, business segment, or individual product — and by impact category
The results of life cycle studies provide an evidence base guiding internal and external communications to attract customers, reporting, supply chain changes, formulation and product design changes in favor of a more sustainable solution
We help clients identify risks and opportunities and maximize business value through life cycle-based management approaches

We offer the following services in the areas of supply chain management and sustainable products:

  • Creating sustainable supply chains. Implementing effective ESG management practices in the supply chain of customers and suppliers

  • Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Preparation of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), EPD verification

  • ISO 14067 product carbon footprint assessment (life cycle assessment in which the analysis is limited to emissions that contribute to climate change)

  • Development of activities/recommendations to reduce carbon footprint

  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate label for your purposes and support in the certification process

  • Assistance in incorporating sustainability labeling into brand positioning

  • Checking the compliance of purchased materials with legal requirements and industry standards

  • Preparation of reviews and registers of applicable international and national legal requirements for safety data sheets, labeling and packaging of chemical products, and handling of chemicals

  • Development of normative and methodological documentation related to responsible supply chains

  • Supply chain audits

  • Advising on the requirements and training on responsible supply chains and sustainable products

Examples of completed projects

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