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Social performance and human rights

Business sustainability and growth are based on effective interaction with internal (employees, shareholders, management) and external (сustomers, community, public organizations, government bodies) stakeholders
Risk and Relationship Management for Business
Social consulting is aimed at helping our clients achieve their business goals by properly managing their social risks and impacts, effectively building friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with external and internal stakeholders, considering their opinions and needs in the design and operation of enterprises and infrastructure facilities
Understanding Social Risks
Social risks and impacts may be caused by direct and indirect socio-economic effects and processes associated with the realization of human rights, the need for resettlement and economic displacement, development of local communities, including indigenous peoples
ENSOR consultants have practical experience in managing social risks and impacts and engaging with stakeholders, taking into account national requirements and international standards and best practices

We offer the following types of services in social performance and human rights:

  • Impact assessment of investment projects and current activities of organizations on the socio-economic sphere and health in accordance with national and international standards

  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning

  • Assessment and development of a grievance mechanism in accordance with international standards and best practices

  • Socio-economic baseline study, including collection and processing of statistical information, sociological surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews

  • Disclosure of information, organization of public hearings in accordance with the requirements of national legislation and international financial institutions

  • Assessment and management of risks associated with workforce and labor conditions, impacts on cultural heritage and archeological monuments, as well as indigenous peoples (IP)

  • Development of concepts and programs for local community development

  • Audit of the company's activities on social aspects

  • Human Rights Impact and Risk Assessment / Human Rights due diligence

  • Social Issues Training

  • Implementation of human rights due diligence process

  • Development of normative and methodological documentation on social matters

  • Development of social strategy

  • Assessment of efficiency of social programs

Examples of completed projects

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