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Occupational health, industrial and fire safety

ENSOR advises and supports leading companies in improving operational performance in the areas of health, safety and fire safety. We help our clients successfully solve their problems by providing services in building leadership in the field of safety, development and implementation of standards and management systems, training, audits, quantitative assessments of industrial safety risks
Effective Occupational Safety Management
ENSOR experts will help build a risk-based occupational safety management system with a high safety culture in accordance with government regulations, international standards, and best practices. Our approach will minimize accidents at work without compromising production efficiency

Maximizing Effectiveness in Risk Management
We will instruct clients in the effective use of risk registers so as to achieve direct risk management rather than just as a display for inspectors. We will integrate government regulations into your risk-based system and help develop standards that streamline the work of your health & safety department. We will teach how to calculate the effectiveness of risk minimization measures to optimize both financial and labour costs. We will also show ways to develop a safety culture and protect against the “traps” of a typical approach
Health&Safety Management System with ENSOR
The health & safety management system built with our help will comply with both national standards and best international practices to ensure clearance by government inspections and audits of compliance with international safety and sustainability standards, requirements of partner companies, etc.
In achieving the above objectives, we will not rehaul the existing health & safety management system but rather make necessary adjustments and provide relevant trainings. The extent of these adjustments and trainings will depend on the maturity of the system in place and the needs and requirements of your company

We offer the following types of services in the field of occupational health, industrial and fire safety:

  • Preparation for audits on occupational health & safety, fire and industrial safety; conducting audits for compliance with the requirements of national legislation, international financial organizations (IFC Performance Standards, World Bank Guidelines, etc.), corporate standards, ISO 45001 standard, etc.

  • Optimization of the safety management system in order to reduce accidents and optimize costs

  • Development of health and safety standards in accordance with the best international practices and taking into account the national legislation requirements

  • Adaptation of international corporate health & safety standards to local conditions

  • Hazardous energy management standard and control of hazardous energy (Lockout/Tagout) standard implementation. Adaptation of the standard to the best international practices. Development of LOTO-cards. Practical trainings

  • Safety culture assessment and advising on its improvement (including trainings)

  • Consulting on the risk management practices implementation in occupational health & safety, industrial and fire safety in accordance with international practices and national legislation

  • Workplace risk assessment at any level from a qualitative assessment to a quantitative one. Development of professional risks register. Development of safety instructions. Development of mitigation measures to minimize the risks and quantifying their effectiveness. Assessment of risks associated with human factor and their minimization

  • Trainings on risk assessment

  • Quantitative risk assessment for hazardous production facilities using Russian and international assessment methodologies

  • Independent investigations of incidents and accidents at work. Accident and accident investigation trainings

  • Explosion hazard research in accordance with ATEX standard

  • Improvement of the corporate fleet safety management

Examples of completed projects

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