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Environmental, health, safety and sustainability assessments and audits

Independent environmental, health, safety and sustainability assessments and audits are an important tool for ensuring compliance with legal requirements, internal corporate standards, and best international practices. By proactively identifying issues through assessments and audits and addressing them through corrective and preventive actions, clients improve their EHS&S performance, prevent incidents, violations, and fines, and increase their attractiveness to investors, customers, and other stakeholders
Justification for Investments in Environmental Activities
An independent assessment or audit also enables clients to justify investment in the necessary technical and organizational changes to implement corrective and preventive measures
Individualized approach to each organization
ENSOR specialists have extensive experience in conducting independent EHS and sustainability assessments and audits of various scale in various industries. Realizing that every organization is unique, we work in partnership with our clients to identify and meet their specific needs in the best possible way
Improving performance and meeting standards
We apply best practices to help our clients understand and address identified issues and improve their EHS and sustainability performance, as well as comply with international best practices and standards
International Assessments and Audits
Our professional connections with subject-matter experts abroad and a perfect command of foreign languages enable us to carry out EHS and sustainability assessments and audits in near and far-abroad countries

We offer the following types of audit services:

  • Environmental audit

  • Occupational health & safety, fire and industrial safety audit

  • Supply chain EHS/ESG audit

  • Best available techniques (BAT) audit

  • Audit of environmental and social management systems

International environmental and social standards compliance assessment, including but not limited to
  • Environmental and social requirements of financial institutions (IFC, EBRD, ADB, NDB, AIIB, etc.)

  • Equator Principles

  • Industry standards (ICMM, IRMA, Responsible Steel, Responsible Gold, Together for Sustainability, GLP, GMP, GSP, Responsible Recycling R2, e-Stewards, Operating Standard (RIOS) and etc.)

Examples of completed projects

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