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Nature capital, biodiversity and ecosystem services

Biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation is recognized as one of the main environmental issues of our time. Given the increasing awareness of governments, the public, investors, and other stakeholders of this issue, it is becoming more and more important for clients to understand and minimize their impact on the ecosystems
The Key to Business Sustainability and Growth
An informed, sustainable approach to biodiversity management contributes to business stability and growth. Conversely, the lack of proper proactive management of biodiversity-related risks and impacts often creates a variety of problems and difficulties for companies, including damage to business reputation, delays or even non-approval of project implementation
From Risks to Competitive Advantages
We help our clients integrate biodiversity-related risks into their decision-making processes and offer practical solutions to help deliver projects on time, effectively manage existing assets, improve stakeholder relationships, and increase competitiveness
Our consultants, with extensive experience in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem services, collaborate with national and international external experts with specialized knowledge of individual components of biodiversity and regional experience

We offer the following types of services in the field of biodiversity management:

  • Baseline biodiversity studies and ecosystem services

  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services Impact Assessment (including supply chain, value chain)

  • Assessment of the company’s activities compliance with national requirements and international standards in the field of biodiversity

  • Assessment of risks and opportunities associated with biodiversity, incl. recommendations of TNFD and LEAP approach (identification of linkages with nature and most vulnerable areas; identification of significant dependencies and impacts; analysis of significant risks and opportunities using a scenario approach; strategy development, goal setting and preparation for information disclosure)

  • Assistance in the preparation of reporting and disclosure of information related to biodiversity and management of risks and opportunities associated with nature considering recommendations of TNFD and GRI

  • Development of strategies, policies, procedures, plans, programs and other internal documents related to biodiversity and ecosystem management

  • Consulting and training on managing risks and impacts related to biodiversity and ecosystem services

Examples of completed projects

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