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Application and implementation of geoinformation systems (GIS)

ENSOR applies geographic information systems (GIS) in all areas of its activities: assessment of the baseline environmental condition and lands contamination, environmental and social impact assessment, environmental audits, assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services, support of transactions and investment projects. In addition, ENSOR implements customized GIS solutions for the clients
Maximizing Efficiency with GIS Technologies
GIS technology is an important tool for business. The use of spatial data allows visualizing a wide range of indicators in real time, systematizing data and implementing solutions to optimize processes
Expert Approach to Industry Specific Consideration
Our experts take into account the client’s industry specifics and develop products to meet individual business needs

We offer the following types of GIS services:

  • Application of GIS methods:

    • for building a conceptual model of production sites to assess environmental risks

    • for erosion hazard assessment and predicting erosion processes development

    • for monitoring the of wildfires activity

    • for assessment of the anthropogenic load on the territory
  • Applications of remote sensing data:

    • for assessment and predicting carbon stocks in soils and vegetation

    • for monitoring, assessment and predicting the forest cover condition

    • for biodiversity and ecosystem services assessment
  • Assessment of the visual impacts of the projects on the surrounding landscapes

  • Analysis of land use conflicts and identification of zones with special conditions of use and other restrictions on economic activity

  • Development and implementation of thematic web services and corporate GIS

Examples of completed projects

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