Development of procedures for managing stakeholder engagement & training of employees

Client: Large mining and metals company, Forbes-100
Location: Russia

Project: Updating the Client's stakeholder engagement regulating documents in accordance with the international standards (IRMA, ICMM, etc) requirements
Purpose: to create an effective and unified management system for external stakeholder engagement, defining requirements, procedures, deadlines and responsibilities for certain aspects of the process.
ENSOR approach:
The steps taken by the ENSOR experts in carrying out the tasks consisted of the following:

  • Updating the Stakeholder engagement corporate Policy to clarify applicable standards and requirements, the Company and its divisions´ obligations and the approach to managing the engagement process;
  • Developing of Manual for the preparation and implementation of the Stakeholder engagement Plan;
  • Updating the Stakeholder registry template and developing manuals for completing it, including identification and analysis of stakeholders;
  • Developing of a Consultation Guide describing the requirements and approach to conducting consultations in accordance with international standards;
  • Preparing of recommendations on updating Company internal documents at the corporate level and at the production units’ level to take into consideration the stakeholder engagement requirements;
  • Conducting training on updated documents and processes for Company employees

  • A series of interviews with Company representatives was conducted to discuss the approach, structure and content of the documents;
  • Internal documents have been prepared to manage the stakeholder engagement process;
  • The Company stakeholder engagement specialists were trained on the application of the developed documents, the requirements and approaches of international standards
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