Analysis of the grievance redress mechanism compliance with the requirements of the EBRD and IFC

Client: Confidential client, large cotton producer
Location: Uzbekistan

Project: Analysis of a cotton producing company’s grievance redress mechanism compliance with the requirements of the EBRD and IFC
Purpose: Identifying gaps in the company’s grievance redress mechanism (GRM) regarding international requirements and developing an action plan to close such gaps

ENSOR’s team of social consultants conducted a comprehensive analysis of the practice of applying the mechanism for receiving and considering appeals in the company, including the following steps:
  • Analysis of the applicability of the requirements of national legislation and international best practices to the company’s activities
  • Analysis of internal company documents governing the reception and consideration of complaints and appeals, including policies, procedures, personnel instructions, a register of complaints and appeals, information brochures
  • Conducting interviews with company representatives responsible for receiving, considering and resolving complaints from company employees, contractors, contract farmers, as well as local residents not involved in the company’s activities
  • Conducting interviews with representatives of non-profit organizations concerned about the results of the functioning of the company’s Grievance Redress Mechanism, including within the framework of protecting the rights of company employees, contractors and farmers
  • Conducting independent in-depth interviews with representatives of all groups of affected stakeholders in the localities where the company operates
  • Development of an action plan to close identified gaps in terms of improving internal procedures, strengthening the competencies of personnel in the framework of handling complaints and informing stakeholders


ENSOR consultants identified gaps in the functioning Grievance Redress Mechanism regarding international best practices and developed recommendations in a form of an action plan to achieve full compliance with international standards
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