Supplier audit as part of the Together for Sustainability initiative (TfS)

Client: Confidential client, large international chemical concern
Location: Russia

Project: Environmental and social audit of the activities of the supplier, a large mining company, as part of the Together for Sustainability initiative
Purpose: Conduct an audit using the Together for Sustainability (TfS) checklist, including issues relating to mining operations where applicable

within the framework of the project the following were carried out:
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Site visits (concentrators and smelters), including inspection of production sites, review of documentation and interviews with employees
  • Preparation of reporting materials, their discussion with the supplier and Client


Based on the results of the audit, reports were prepared for each of the sites in Russian and English in the format provided by the TfS initiative. Action plans have been developed to eliminate inconsistencies identified during the audit.
16. Responsible supply chains and sustainable products 7. ESG and Sustainability 2.Environmental, health, safety and sustainability assessments and audits