"Leadership in safety for Managers" Training

Client: JSC "Hlebprom"
Location: Russia

Project: Conducting a training on the topic "Leadership in safety for managers"
Purpose: The training develops the necessary leadership skills in security and the desire of managers to influence safety. The final effect of the training for the Company should be to reduce injuries and, in general, increase the efficiency of business processes related to safety and the level of safety culture. In addition, the acquired leadership skills would generally enhance the corporate culture.

The training is aimed at participants' understanding of the following issues:

  • How to identify and manage risks;
  • How to take into account the "human factor" in risk management;
  • How to correctly identify and eliminate the root causes of dangerous accidents;
  • How to affect the safe behavior of subordinates;
  • How to establish interaction with the head of security issues.
ENSOR approach:

ENSOR specialists conducted a two-day training seminar at one of the Client's production sites in the Moscow region. The training program included both theoretical modules and practical exercises, including joint visit to the production and practical communication with employees, as well as such elements as monitoring, intervention, behavioral audit, and informal communication.

Based on the results of the training, the participants:

  • Began to understand their role as leaders in occupational safety issues;
  • Improved their communication skills on safety between employees of different levels, reducing the level of misunderstandings;
  • Learned how to motivate employees to behave safely;
  • Improved their skills in assessing and managing accident risks, as well as identifying the root causes of accidents;
  • Learned how to take into account the "human factor" and influence it in risk management of their specific area
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