Preparation of a disclosure report in accordance with TNFD recommendations

Client: Confidential client
Location: Russia

Project: Preparation of a disclosure report in accordance with TNFD recommendations for an oil producing and refining company
Purpose: analyze the Company's activities in accordance with the approach defined by TNFD and prepare a report disclosing information on corporate governance in the field of biodiversity

In accordance with the TNFD methodology (v 1.0), ENSOR examines the following information about the Company based on the initial data available to the company (project documentation, survey results, monitoring, archival data, analysis of various satellite images, literature data, etc.):
  • identifying areas of interaction with nature:
    • analysis of the company's activities (supply chains and value chains are not included in the scope of this study);
    • identification of impacts on natural components, as well as dependencies on them;
  • characterization of ecosystems and ecosystem services impacted by the company's activities, including identification of vulnerable ecosystems and critical habitats
Next, it is planned to define:
  • quantitative and qualitative indicators of impacts, determination of the significance of impacts;
  • ecosystem transformation scenarios, identification of risks and opportunities and assessment of their significance;
  • determination of specific goals and indicators of the effectiveness of activities.


Based on the results of the study, a report will be generated, including the results of the assessments, as well as financial and non-financial metrics related to nature.
7. ESG and Sustainability 8.Nature capital, biodiversity and ecosystem services