Life cycle assessment of milk packaging

Client: Confidential client
Location: Russia

Project: Life cycle assessment (LCA) of milk, its packaging and distribution system
Purpose: study the environmental profile of various options for delivering milk to consumers on the Russian market, including a variety of packaging solutions, as well as options for delivering milk at room temperature or chilled

The study took into account that the environmental performance of packaging solutions is determined by factors such as the number of different materials used in each case, production costs, secondary/tertiary packaging and handling, and disposal. Life cycle assessment was carried out in accordance with ISO 14040 / 14044 Life Cycle Assessment methodology.
Six types of packaging made from cardboard (multilayer), plastic and polyethylene were selected for the study.
During the project, the following tasks were completed:

  • Establishing the purpose and scope
  • Carrying out inventory analysis
  • Impact assessment
  • Interpretation of results
  • Development of the report

Based on the results of the assessment, a report was prepared containing the objectives of the LCA, a description of the research methodology, assessment results, conclusions and recommendations. A presentation has also been prepared summarizing the results of the LCA study, visual images, charts and graphs, intended for discussion with stakeholders

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