Environmental, health and safety audit

Client: L’oreal
Location: Russia

Project: Audit of contractors for processing and storing the Client's products for compliance with the legislative requirements of the Russian Federation, international standards and best practices.
Purpose: to assess the compliance of contractors in four regions of Russia providing services for the processing and storage of the Client's products with legal requirements and best practices in the field of health, safety and environmental protection, as well as to assess the risks to the Client's business associated with inconsistencies identified during the audit
The steps taken by the ENSOR experts in carrying out the tasks consisted of the following:

  • Obtaining the most detailed documented information on the organization of HSE system and on compliance with the Client's corporate standards, best practices requirements and analyzing this information for each audited object. For this purpose, an adapted questionnaire was prepared, and teleconferences were held with representatives of the Client and contractors;
  • During the visit to facilities (warehouses, including aerosol storage areas, loading and unloading sites, storage areas, repair and maintenance of equipment and other facilities) inspecting equipment, racks, fire extinguishing systems; evaluating the organization and conduct of work, compliance with labor protection requirements, transport safety; studying the documents that are available on the Site, conducting interviews with managers, specialists and other employees;
  • Summarizing the information received, grouping the identified inconsistencies by regulatory areas, preparing reports in English describing the identified inconsistencies and recommended measures to eliminate them, as well as the level of significance of these inconsistencies in the context of the impact on the Client's business processes and discussing the identified inconsistencies and measures to eliminate them with contractors.

The reports for facilities located in various regions of Russia were prepared containing the following information:

  • A description of the inconsistencies identified during the audit with the applicable requirements of international standards, legislation of the Russian Federation, Client´s corporate standards and best practices in the field of HSE;
  • An assessment of the significance of these inconsistencies in the context of the impact on the Client's business;
  • Recommendations agreed with contractors providing processing and storage services for the effective elimination of identified inconsistencies and minimizing risks to the Client.
2.Environmental, health, safety and sustainability assessments and audits 16. Responsible supply chains and sustainable products 13. Occupational health, industrial and fire safety