Development of training materials and conducting trainings on environmental risk assessment

Client: Large mining and metallurgical company, Forbes-100
Location: Russia

Project: Development of training materials and conducting face-to-face trainings on environmental risk assessment for the Client's employees.
Purpose: to increase the competencies of the Company's employees involved in the process of environmental risk management at the level of production complexes by the development of training materials and subsequent training seminars on environmental risk management in the Company
Within the framework of the Project, ENSOR's team of specialists in the field of environmental risk and impact assessment conducted an analysis of the Client's internal documents and procedures to summarize current practices of environmental risk assessment and management, as well as to identify key features of existing production facilities in terms of their environmental impact.

Based on the Company's existing approaches, as well as taking into account international experience in environmental risk assessment, a training program was developed, presentation and training materials were prepared; face-to-face training seminars were held for employees of two structural divisions of the Company.

  • Taking into account the specifics of the technologies used by the Client for the extraction and processing of raw materials, the equipment used, as well as the Company's integrated risk management system, based on modern international theoretical approaches and practical developments in risk management, materials for a training course on environmental risk management have been developed;
  • 1-2-day face-to-face trainings were held for more than 100 employees of the company involved in the process of environmental risk management;
  • The developed training materials were transmitted to the client for subsequent use, including self-conducting training seminars in other departments and Services
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