Trainings for bank employees on environmental and social risks

Client: Uzpromstroybank JSCB (SQB)
Location: Uzbekistan

Project: Environmental and social management system improvement in accordance with the requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Purpose: to train the Bank's employees and to build their capacity in the field of environmental and social risk management of financed projects.
ENSOR approach:

The steps taken by the ENSOR experts in carrying out the tasks consisted of the following:

  • Preparing of the training materials;
  • Conducting training for the Bank's senior management to raise awareness of creditors' environmental and social requirements and providing a high-level overview of the updated ESMS;
  • Conducting introductory training for employees of the Risk Management Department and other employees of the Bank at the head office and branches, according to the new ESMS requirements and ways of applying updated tools and procedures;
  • Conducting a series of specialized trainings for employees on the social aspects and risks of the financed projects, including such issues as involuntary resettlement and economic displacement, labor relations, community security;
  • Conducting trainings on the use of various ESMS tools, such as screening and categorization, with an emphasis on social issues;
  • Conducting joint visits with the Risk Management Department representatives to the Bank three financed projects’ facilities to conduct a comprehensive environmental and social assessment utilizing the developed tools;
  • Conducting an assessment of the needs for further training and capacity building of the Bank's employees


  • Training materials were prepared in Russian and Uzbek languages;
  • A series of online trainings for various categories of the Bank's employees, as well as a face-to-face seminar at the Bank's head office in Tashkent were conducted;
  • A joint visit to three production sites was conducted with the employees of the Risk Management Department;
  • A report on the results of the site visits was prepared;
  • A plan for further training and capacity building of the Bank's employees was developed
11.Trainings on environmental, health, safety and sustainability topics