Environmental safety management system for large projects

Client: Confidential client, large oil and gas company
Location: Russia

Project: Development and implementation of an environmental safety management system for large Russian and foreign projects
Purpose: Development of an effectively functioning, adequate, beneficial and flexible environmental safety management system for large projects based on international practices (ISO 14001 standard, API, WHO, WB, IFC recommendations), company standards and Russian legislation
When implementing the project, the following key tasks were implemented:
  • Development of an effective environmental safety management (ESM) tool for large projects
  • Taking into account staging – building ESM processes in accordance with the stages of implementation of large projects to optimize the costs of environmental measures at each stage and reduce the environmental risks of projects
  • Adaptation of company standards for Russian projects at the initial stages
  • Adaptation of company standards and development of key environmental performance criteria in relation to foreign projects


The project was implemented in three stages:

  • Stage 1. Documentation analysis, interviewing managers and key specialists. Development of recommendations and a Plan for the formation of a unified management system for large projects. At this stage, the documentation of the management system in force in the company was analyzed, interviews were conducted with managers and key specialists, visits to industrial sites (fields) and project offices of several large projects were prepared, a detailed project implementation plan was prepared for stage 2, including aspects of integrating the ESM of large projects into the existing environmental management system
  • Stage 2. Development of documentation for the environmental safety management system for large projects. Developed: Guidelines for managing the environmental safety of large projects and the concept of rating the effectiveness of the implementation of environmental measures; goals, objectives and environmental program; procedures for the environmental safety management system for large projects; standard operating procedures and work instructions of ESM for the company's Russian large projects; Environmental standard for the activities of a large project; program of internal audits of the ESM of large projects. Five interim meetings were held at the company's head office
  • Stage 3. Development of a training program on ESM for large projects and conducting trainings for employees and management of the Company A training course on ESM for large projects was developed and staff training was conducted: five practical trainings based on the developed ESM lasting from 4 hours to 2 days, including training in the “Train-the-Trainer” format so that trained personnel was able to conduct training courses for my colleagues at the sites of relevant projects
6.Environmental and Social Management Systems