Improvement of the environmental and social management system (ESMS)

Client: Uzpromstroybank JSCB (SQB)
Location: Uzbekistan

Project: Environmental and social management system improvement in accordance with the requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Purpose: to provide consulting support to Uzpromstroybank to ensure the implementation of its funded subprojects in accordance with the requirements of international lenders (EBRD, ADB and IFC), which in the future will allow the Bank to structure and implement investment projects in accordance with these requirements, as well as have a systemic impact on the potential of Uzpromstroybank in the field of environmental and social risks management of funded projects.
ENSOR approach:

The steps taken by the ENSOR experts in carrying out the tasks consisted of the following:

  • Reviewing existing documents on the environmental and social management system and the Bank's project portfolio;
  • Updating the ESMS Improvement Plan prepared by international lenders (EBRD, ADB, IFC);
  • Developing project assessment tools covering the requirements of several lenders;
  • Developing key performance indicators for the ESMS;
  • Assessing portfolio of the bank's subsidiaries, as well as their potential in the field of environmental and social risk management;
  • Preparing roadmaps for the implementation of ESMS in the Bank's subsidiaries;
  • Consulting support of the Bank during the first 6 months of the updated ESMS implementation


During the work on the project, the following documents and tools were developed:

  • An updated ESMS Improvement Plan;
  • Key indicators for evaluating the ESMS effectiveness;
  • A tool for environmental and social screening and categorization of projects;
  • Tools for assessing environmental and social risks for category "B" projects.
  • Industry-specific tools for evaluating environmental and social risks of projects in the construction sector, the chemical industry and cotton cultivation;
  • A single template for the annual report on environmental and social issues for creditors;
  • ESMS Monitoring Plan;
  • ESMS roadmaps for subsidiaries;
  • Final report with additional recommendations
6.Environmental and Social Management Systems