Independent environmental and social due diligence (ESDD) of the gas processing plant construction and operation project

Client: Confidential
Location: Russia

Project: Independent environmental and social due diligence (ESDD) of the gas processing complex construction and operation project
Purpose: to propvide an independent opinion on the Project's compliance with the requirements of potential lenders (Russian and foreign banks), including identification of gaps and preparation of appropriate recommendations to eliminate them.

Lenders’ requirements include:

  • Current environmental and social legislation of the Russian Federation, regulations and permits;
  • International conventions and treaties applicable to the Project;
  • Other obligations of the Project to the Russian Federation (i.e. contractual);
  • The Project's own environmental and social standards, defined in its Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA);
  • Relevant lenders´ environmental and social procedures and guidelines (including an analysis of the applicability of the green project taxonomy and green finance standards developed by VEB.RF);
  • Other standards and guidelines that can be specified by potential lenders and might be applicable to the Project;
  • Current international environmental and social treaties and conventions, fully adopted by the Russian Federation and implemented in the Russian Federation environmental legislation;
  • Any other environmental or social norms or standards that may be applicable to the Project, including international standards, policies, principles and conventions that are examples of best practices and relevant to potential creditors (for example, IFC performance Standards and Equator Principles)
ENSOR approach:

The steps taken by the ENSOR experts in carrying out the tasks consisted of the following:

  • Conducting a desk analysis of Project information, including primary analysis (information and data posted in the electronic data room, information from open sources) and in-depth analysis (information and data additionally requested by the Consultant based on the results of the preliminary analysis);
  • Visiting the Project sites, the surrounding area and the nearest settlements;
  • Conducting interviews with Company representatives;
  • Preparing a report and a corrective action plan

Based on the results of the environmental and social monitoring, ENSOR prepared a detailed report containing conclusions on the Project's compliance with the requirements of potential lenders, as well as an Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) including a description of recommended actions to eliminate identified gaps and achieve full compliance
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