The IRMA standard compliance assessment

Client: PJSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”
Location: Russia

Project: Assessment of the Company’s readiness for the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) Standard compliance audit
Purpose: to obtain a third-party professional opinion on the Company’s compliance level with an IRMA standard’s requirements; In addition, to identify activities for improvement the current practices, where required.

The tasks performed by the ENSOR´s specialists in the field of environmental protection, occupational safety, industrial safety and social aspects consisted of the following:

  • Analyzing the Company's IRMA standard self-assessment and evaluating the sufficiency of the answers / justifications provided and the attached supporting documentation;
  • Providing recommendations on additional answers/justifications required and supporting documentation to ensure that the information required for the audit is as complete as possible;
  • Conducting a preliminary assessment of compliance with the IRMA Standard requirements for some of the Company's mining assets by analyzing the information provided as part of a self-assessment and a selective visit to the mining assets;
  • Preparing of a report on the preliminary assessment of compliance with the IRMA Standard requirements for some of the Company's mining assets;
  • Developing a Corrective Action Plan to improve current practices to achieve the specified compliance level with the IRMA Standard.

  • A desk analysis of the documentation (more than 1 thousand documents) was carried out;
  • Eight mines were visited in two regions of the Russian Federation;
  • More than 60 interviews were conducted with representatives of the Company and external stakeholders (employees of the Company, representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North, local residents living near the Company's facilities, administrations of the cities of the Company's presence, representatives of NGOs, etc.)
  • The detailed Report substantiating the evaluation result and a detailed Action Plan to eliminate the identified inconsistencies with the IRMA standard were prepared;
  • The presentation of the assessment results for Management was carried out.

See more details in the official press release: Nornickel completed self-assessment for IRMA certification (
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