Greenhouse gases and climate change

ENSOR offers a full range of services to help your organization understand and evaluate potential impacts of the climate agenda on your business and help you address challenges and opportunities associated with climate change

The Path to Clients' Climate Goals
A deep understanding of climate change, as well as knowledge of national and international requirements and best practices in this area, allows ENSOR specialists to advise our clients at any stage of their journey to achieve their climate goals

From Assessment to Implementation of Climate Strategy
Our climate change services cover baseline and carbon footprint assessments, assessment of climate risks and opportunities, climate strategy development and assistance in its implementation, as well as information disclosure and stakeholder engagement.

We offer the following types of climate change services:
  • Maturity assessment of the company’s climate change management practices
  • Greenhouse gas emissions assessment (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • Carbon footprint assessment of products and companies
  • Development of a climate strategy and decarbonization roadmap
  • Assessment of risks and opportunities associated with climate change in accordance with the TCFD standard
  • Assistance with reporting in accordance with the TCFD standard
  • Advising on national and international regulatory requirements and climate change trends
  • Assistance in obtaining the CDP rating (gap analysis and readiness for the rating, improvement plan, assistance in questionnaire completion)