Advising on chemical substances' circulation requirements

The entry into force of regulations based on TR EAEU 041 significantly changes the requirements for documentation that must be prepared before putting the chemicals into circulation in the EAEU countries, including new substances produced on the territory of the Union. Some of the changes came into force on July 1, 2022. Some of the changes have come into force on July 1, 2022. Failure to timely respond to new legal requirements entails the risk of administrative fines or blocking of circulation of a chemical product (e.g., a ban on release into circulation, on crossing customs borders, etc.).

Efficient Import of Chemicals
Imported chemicals must be correctly classified in accordance with the legal requirements of the EAEU or the Russian Federation, and not according to the requirements of the country of origin. Substances that have not been included in the Unified Chemical Inventory will be especially difficult to import

Advice on Chemical Product Compliance
ENSOR provides services for assessing the conformity of documents for chemical products (labels, warning labels, passports of chemicals, etc.), develops or corrects documents that are missing or inconsistent with the EAEU requirements. ENSOR can also organize state registration of chemical products and represent the interests of clients in discussions with government bodies. If necessary, ENSOR will perform the functions of an authorized representative during subsequent circulation of chemicals in the EAEU

ENSOR specialists have professional connections with international experts and many years of experience in supporting circulation of chemicals not only in the EAEU, but also in other regions (European REACH, various regional systems similar to REACH in Southeast Asia, the USA, etc.)

We offer the following types of services in the field of support for chemical substances' circulation:
  • Assessment / verification of the hazard class of chemical products in accordance with the requirements of the EAEU legislation
  • Assessment of compliance of chemical safety data sheets with the requirements of the EAEU / elimination of inconsistencies, development of safety data sheets for chemical products imported into the EAEU
  • Development of labels and SDS (safety data sheet) for exported products to the regions of operation of the REACH system or other systems similar to it
  • Acting as an authorized representative in the registration of chemical products and their circulation on the territory of the EAEU
  • Preparation of a package of documents, support for state registration and obtaining a certificate of state registration of chemical products imported into the EAEU from various regions of the world