Environmental risk assessment

Environmental risks are often underestimated and not fully understood by organizations. Assessment of environmental risk scenarios and consequences of environmental risk events provided in the documentation regulated by law often does not allow to draw firm conclusions about the potential damage. Environmental risks associated with the supply chain and non-core assets fall out of sight

Business Protection
Underestimation of environmental risk, if it materializes, can lead to financial and reputational damage to the business. Major environmental risk events may require significant resources (both financial and human) and may have long-term impacts on the environment and business

ENSOR Expert Support
ENSOR's team of professional ecologists and risk management experts will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the environmental risks inherent in your organization's activities as a whole or in individual processes, and implement environmental risk mitigation measures where necessary

We offer the following types of services in the field of environmental risk assessment:
1.Assessment of environmental risks associated with major accidents and release of hazardous substances into the environment
  • Qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative assessment of environmental risks (identification, determination of scenarios, calculation of maximum possible damage and probabilities, presentation of risks in the form of an F/G diagram, etc.)
  • Assessment of the adequacy of measures taken to minimize the risk. Planning of additional measures
  • Quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of risk minimization measures
  • Development of software to automate the environmental risk assessment process
2. Development of simulation models and their subsequent use to assess environmental risks associated with selected production processes
3. Development of regulatory and methodological documentation for environmental risk assessment
4.Organizing ENVID sessions
5. Delivery of trainings on environmental risk management
6.Development of training software for environmental risk assessment and management
7.Development of educational games in the context of trainings conducted