Almaty CHPP-2 modernization project

On October 21, in Almaty, with the support of ENSOR, a round table was held, where, together with representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the public and environmentalists, a number of aspects of the project “Modernization of Almaty CHPP-2 with minimizing the impact on the environment” were discussed "

According to Alexandra Leman, Director of Environmental and Social Consulting, the round table was held as part of mandatory international banking procedures for project approval. At the event, the public was provided with information on the current status of the Almaty CHPP-2 modernization project in terms of: assessing the impacts on the environmental environment and social sphere; previously identified impacts and measures planned to minimize these impacts; results of an analysis of the project’s compliance with the requirements of potential project lenders - the EBRD and ADB. The discussions also provided information on the further steps of impact assessment, the availability of developed documents in electronic and printed form, as well as ways to submit questions and proposals related to the development and implementation of the CHPP-2 modernization project.
Regarding the environmental component, it was noted that the project complies with the most stringent requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the European Union, which will allow:

  • reduce emissions of harmful substances by 93%;
  • exclude from the emissions of suspended particles and sulfur oxides, the formation and disposal of ash and slag waste;
  • ensure silent operation of the units.

Taken together, this will reduce the station’s area of influence on the environment and residents of the Almaty agglomeration.

A separate topic of discussion was the issue of tariff setting. The general opinion is that the conversion of CHPP-2 to gas will lead to an increase in tariffs, at least due to the replacement of coal with gas. But, as noted during the discussion, it is assumed that the tariff of AlES JSC, the owner of Almaty CHPP-2, will be comparable to the tariff of Almatyteplokommunenergo, the second supplier of thermal energy in Almaty.

The project attaches particular importance to social issues, including retraining and employment of personnel in other subsidiaries of Samruk-Energy JSC and enterprises in Almaty. Other options are also being considered to ensure employment of CHPP-2 workers. According to plant employees, work has already begun this year to train personnel to study the equipment of combined cycle gas turbine units (CCGTs).

The project “Modernization of Almaty CHPP-2 with minimization of environmental impact” involves the construction of a new station using gas turbine technologies with a capacity of up to 600 MW at the site of Almaty CHPP-2. The deadline for full commissioning is December 2026. The goal of the project: to reduce the negative environmental impact of the station on the environmental situation in Almaty by converting it to natural gas combustion, as well as to provide consumers of Almaty and the Almaty region with a reliable and uninterrupted supply of heat and electricity in accordance with load schedules. Almaty CHPP-2 named after. A. Zhakutov is part of the structure of Almaty Electric Power Plants JSC.