Advising on the requirements for chemicals handling

Client: Confidential international clients
Location: Russia, Kazakhstan

Project: Preparation of enterprises for the entry into force of EAEU TR 041/2017 on the circulation of chemicals and changes in the regulatory regulation of the circulation of chemicals in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Monitoring of changes.
Purpose: Preparing companies involved in the circulation of chemicals for changes in legislation and preventing possible financial losses due to possible blocking of the import of chemical products into the customs territory of the EAEU. Increasing the level of safety during the circulation of chemicals.

ENSOR consultants analyzed the requirements of the EAEU Technical Regulation 041/2017 “On the safety of chemical products” and related legislative changes. It has been determined that a significant risk of negative consequences is the absence of substances that are in circulation on the territory of the EAEU in the unified Register of Chemical Substances and Mixtures of the Customs Union being created. The basis for the Register is the Unified Lists of Chemical Substances of the CU countries. New requirements for Safety Data Sheets of chemicals and their registration in the relevant Register, introduced by GOST 30333-2022, have been identified.


An analysis of the availability of information on more than 1.5 thousand chemical substances and mixtures in the Unified Lists of Chemical Substances of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan was carried out. It was established that more than 700 substances were not included in these lists. The information necessary for registration was prepared and, on behalf of the Customers, provided to the regulator, as a result of which all substances specified by the Customers were included in the Unified Lists of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. An analysis was carried out of the compliance of the chemical safety data sheets submitted by the Customers with the requirements of GOST 30333-2022 and the identified inconsistencies were eliminated. On behalf of the Customers, safety data sheets are submitted for registration to the authorized body.

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