Pre-acquisition environmental assessment of a decommissioned enterprise (Phase 2)

Client: Leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging
Location: Russia

Project: Environmental assessment (Phase 2) of the decommissioned paper and corrugated cardboard production facility site, Leningrad Region, Russia.
Purpose: To carry out a detailed instrumental environmental assessment of the level of pollution of soil, subsoil and groundwater of an industrial site in accordance with the ASTM E1903-19 standard " Standard Practice For Environmental Site Assessments: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process" of the territory of the decommissioned enterprise.

In addition to the assessment of chemical pollution, Phase 2 was tasked with assessing the use of asbestos-containing materials in the construction and operation of production and auxiliary facilities of the Site, their presence in existing buildings and structures, as well as in the surface horizons of soils.
ENSOR approach:

The assessment was conducted in three stages at the most significant sites of potential contamination, which were identified during Phase 1 environmental assessment:

  • Field stage. Underground utilities were identified at the Site and the absence of explosive objects was confirmed, then drilling operations were carried out, temporary monitoring wells were installed, samples were taken with topographic reference of sampling sites;
  • Laboratory stage. In accordance with the work program, the selected samples were submitted for analysis to accredited laboratory centers;
  • Desk stage. Analytical research results were processed and a report was prepared containing information on the results of research and testing of samples, conclusions and recommendations.

During Phase 2 environmental site assessment, soil, subsoil and groundwater samples were selected and analyzed at sites of potential contamination. In addition, a number of samples of building materials potentially containing asbestos were selected and analyzed.

Based on the results of the assessment, a report was prepared containing conclusions on the quality of soil and groundwater, the presence of asbestos-containing materials on the property, as well as an assessment of the risks associated with the identified contamination that the Client may face when purchasing the property. Estimation of potential costs for remediation as well as for paying penalties for environmental damage was provided as well. Recommendations on the identified risks management were given.
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