Independent monitoring of the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) implementation

Client: Unicredit Bank
Location: Russia

Project: Independent monitoring of the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) implementation for the Project of Construction and Operation of a potash mine
Purpose: To conduct an annual analysis (monitoring) of the ESAP implementation. The plan was prepared by an independent consultant as part of an environmental and social assessment of the Project for compliance with the international creditors’ requirements. Another purpose was to assess the adequacy of the prepared documents and measures taken to solve the tasks set and associated significant residual environmental and social risks.
ENSOR approach:

Within the framework of independent environmental and social monitoring, ENSOR specialists performed a number of tasks consisted of the following:

  • Requesting and desk review of documents and information;
  • Conducting remote interviews with the Company's personnel responsible for ESAP implementation;
  • Visiting the site, conducting interviews with representatives of the Company responsible for the implementation of some ESAP activities, as well as with representatives of contractors involved in the mine construction;
  • Preparing of a report for the Client in English

Based on the results of the environmental and social monitoring, ENSOR has prepared a report describing the status of the ESAP activities implementation, as well as conclusions regarding the presence of significant environmental and social risks for the Project. Based on the ENSOR report, the Bank was able to confirm the Project's compliance with the terms of the loan agreement in relation to environmental and social issues.
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