Pre-acquisition environmental assessment of a decommissioned facility (Phase 1)

Customer: Leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging
Country: Russia

Project: Environmental assessment (Phase 1) of the site of a decommissioned paper and corrugated cardboard production plant, Leningrad region
Goal: Identification of environmental problems associated with the historical activities of the Enterprise, posing risks for the Customer upon its acquisition, as well as determination of environmental restrictions for the organization of new production.
ENSOR approach:

When conducting the environmental assessment, ENSOR specialists were guided by the requirements of ASTM E 1527-21 “Standard Practice for Conducting Environmental Assessment of Sites. Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.”

Conditions have been identified that determine the presence or likelihood of the presence of pollution/any hazardous substances at the site and limit the possibility of further use of the site or require environmental rehabilitation measures.

Collection and analysis of information from public sources, as well as information received from representatives of the property being assessed regarding historical and current use of the site and practices that could lead to contamination of environmental components

As part of the services provided, the following were carried out:

  • Interview with representatives of the assessed object
  • Review of historical sources of information, including satellite imagery
  • Site visit, visual inspection of the site and adjacent natural and industrial facilities

ENSOR consultants collected and analyzed a variety of information related to the history of production activities at the Site, prepared and submitted to the Customer an Executive Summary and Environmental Assessment Report, including the results of the analysis, conclusions and recommendations, as well as tabular data and graphical information (maps, diagrams) , historical space photographs, photo illustrations taken during the visit).

During the environmental assessment work, several areas of potential contamination associated with the operation of the production in previous years were identified, which will require the development and implementation of various remediation measures.

Several areas were also identified where the legislation of the Russian Federation imposes various restrictions on their possible use.

Based on the results of the environmental assessment, a program was drawn up for further detailed examination of the property in order to establish the level of pollution of environmental components and the presence of hazardous materials (Phase 2 of the environmental assessment), including the selection and laboratory analysis of soil samples, soil, groundwater, as well as samples of construction materials materials for asbestos content.
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