Environmental liability risk assessment for two waste storage sites

Client: Confidential client, large international manufacturer of building materials
Location: Russia

Project: Environmental liability risk assessment for two waste storage areas located on the premises of a thermal insulation material production plant.
Purpose: assess the current waste management procedure for compliance with Russian environmental legislation and assess the potential liability associated with the presence of waste storage areas generated as a result of the enterprise's activities (uncontaminated steel scrap, limestone, dolomite, chalk particles)
Approach: The scope of work for this assessment included the following activities:
  • Initial visit to the Plant, including visual assessment of sites, collection and analysis of waste management information, and identification of sampling points. Based on the information obtained from the initial site visits, a limited assessment of current waste management practices was carried out to determine their compliance with Russian environmental legislation;
  • Installation of several groundwater monitoring wells in two areas and sampling of soil and groundwater:
  • Waste sampling;
  • Laboratory analysis of all obtained samples for the content of organic and inorganic substances


Based on the results of the work carried out, a report was prepared for the Client with the main conclusions about the current waste management practices, the presence of impacts on environmental components, as well as the risk of administrative liability for identified violations of waste management regulations and the risk of filing a claim for compensation for damage caused to the soil
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