Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the enterprise involved in the pharmaceutical production

Client: International pharmaceutical company
Location: Russia

Project: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the enterprise involved in the pharmaceutical production, Russia
Purpose: to identify of environmental issues related to the historical and current activities of the Enterprise
ENSOR approach:

In conducting the environmental assessment, ENSOR specialists were guided by the requirements of ASTM E 1527-21 " Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process".

Conditions were identified that determine the presence or probability of contamination/hazardous substances at the site and limit the possibility of further use of the site or require environmental remediation.
The steps taken by the ENSOR experts in carrying out the tasks consisted of the following:

  • Collecting and analyzing information from open sources, as well as information received from representatives of the assessed property in relation to the historical and current use of the site and activities that could lead to pollution of environmental components;
  • Conducting interviews with representatives of the assessed facility;
  • Reviewing information historical sources, including satellite images;
  • Analyzing of the compliance of the company's activities with the environmental legislation requirements;
  • Site visiting, visual inspection of the site and adjacent natural and industrial facilities.

ENSOR consultants collected and analyzed a variety of information related to the history of operations at the Site, prepared and submitted to the Client an Executive Summary and Environmental Assessment Report, including the results of the analysis, conclusions and recommendations, as well as tabular data and graphic information (maps, schemes, historical satellite images, photo illustrations taken during the visit).
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