Conducting annual monitoring of groundwater conditions in the area of an operating pharmaceutical manufacturing plant

Client: International Pharmaceutical Company
Location: Russia

Project: Conducting annual monitoring of groundwater conditions on the territory of an enterprise involved in the production of pharmaceutical products
Purpose: to carry out an assessment of the quality of groundwater (assessment of chemical and microbiological contamination of groundwater) of the existing pharmaceutical production.

The results of the work are the basis for making business decisions related to current activities at the facility, planning and performing corrective actions (if necessary).
ENSOR approach:

An initial comprehensive assessment of groundwater quality was carried out in the area of the production facility, an annual groundwater monitoring program was developed for key indicators requiring attention, monitoring wells were installed and equipped to carry out water sampling.

The annual monitoring of groundwater quality includes a number of actions:

  • Annual pumping of groundwater to purify stagnant water;
  • Groundwater level measurement and rapid field testing;
  • Annual groundwater sampling;
  • Urgent delivery of samples to accredited laboratory centers;
  • Determination of the content of organic and inorganic pollutants in the selected samples: heavy metals and metalloids, petroleum products, phenols, volatile organic compounds;
  • assessment of microbiological contamination of groundwater according to a number of standardized indicators;
  • analysis of the results, preparation of conclusions and recommendations for further action.


The annual monitoring of groundwater quality in the area of the production enterprise includes an assessment of groundwater composition according to sanitary, epidemiological and microbiological indicators in accordance with current Russian and international standards.

As a result of the assessments, reports were prepared in English, including tabular and graphical materials that present monitoring data and provide recommendations for further action. Also, as a result of the work, conclusions were drawn about the degree of protection of deep aquifers that are operated by the enterprise. The levels of protection of deep aquifers operated by the enterprise have also been determined.
3.Environmental condition assessment and monitoring of territories and assets