Assessment of the environmental condition of an oil producing company's facilities

Client: Confidential client, large international oil and gas company
Location: Georgia

Project: Pre-investment assessment of the environmental condition of an oil producing company's facilities
Purpose: before the start of activities at the acquired facilities, assess and document the environmental condition of the licensed areas, as well as land plots occupied by the main and auxiliary infrastructure for oil production, storage and transportation
As part of the assessment, ENSOR specialists completed the following tasks:

  • Desktop analysis of information from open sources, as well as information provided by the Client
  • Preliminary site visit
  • Interpretation of satellite images
  • Prioritization of objects by the level of environmental risk
  • Verification visits to sites for a full environmental survey, including sampling of environmental components (soils, ground and surface waters)
  • Preparation of reporting materials


Based on the results of the work carried out, a detailed report was prepared for the Client, including a description of the environmental condition of each object (coordinates, results of interpretation of satellite images, photos of the current condition and results of inspection for the presence of pollution, results of laboratory tests, etc.). The presence of these materials allowed the Client to form an understanding of the current environmental status of the acquired assets, and also protected the Client from possible claims from the regulator for historical pollution as a result of the activities of the previous owner.
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