About us
ENSOR Management Consultants (ENSOR) provides professional consulting services in the field of assessment and management of environmental and social risks, impacts and opportunities to companies in various industries.
The company was established by a team of highly qualified specialists who have worked together for many years as part of the Russian branch of ERM, a global sustainability consultancy, which suspended its activities in Russia in 2022. Over many years of working together, our experts have gained tremendous experience in providing a unique range of environmental and social services in Russia and abroad.

This experience and knowledge accumulated over many years enables us to provide our clients with environmental and social consulting services of the highest level and quality.
Mining and metals
Oil and gas
Chemicals and petrochemicals
Energy, including renewables
Transport and Infrastructure
Timber industry and woodworking, pulp and paper Production
Food Industries
Development and construction
Real estate
Banks and other financial organizations
Insurance companies and brokers
Law firms
Consumer goods
Services, entertainment and retail
Technology, media, and telecommunications
Industries in which we operate
Countries in which we have implemented projects
— Russia
— Kazakhstan
— Uzbekistan
— Belarus
— Ukraine
— Armenia
— Georgia
— Tajikistan
— Brazil
— Germany
— Italy
— Hungary
— Brunei
— Romania
— Bulgaria
— Austria
— France
— South Africa
— Angola
— Turkey
— Burkina Faso
— Cote d'Ivoire
— Madagascar
— Mali
— Senegal
— Philippines
— Cameroon
Our advantages
We were one of the first to start providing environmental and social consulting services at the international level and we utilise the best practices for providing these services
ENSOR has a wide network of contacts with local and international external experts and specialized contractors
All ENSOR staff speak at least two languages and have experience working with the largest international and local companies in various industries
All specialists are graduates of leading specialized universities and have in-depth knowledge of the requirements of national legislation and international standards in the field of environmental and social sustainability
Highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the largest international consulting and manufacturing companies
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